RELENTLESS™ is an intense total body workout format developed by Caroline Strong. We take each muscle group to the point of burn, twice, using a signature 20 minute RELENTLESS plank series, dynamic core training, changes in rhythm, full ranges of motion, and light cardio. The result is longer and leaner muscles.

RELENTLESS is a Barre Boot Camp workout. It is similar to a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class, with Barre, Pilates, and Yoga aspects. You will slim and tighten, lift and tone your entire body, seeing results in a handful of sessions.

Caroline Strong, a certified Pilates and 200 hr. Yoga instructor, trained, and later taught, at the Kane School of Core Integration.

She has also taught Pilates, Yoga, sculpt, BodyART and barre classes at NYHRC, Equinox, YogaWorks, Chelsea Piers, NYSC, Synergy, and Bodystrength Fitness.

In addition, Caroline was on staff as a Jazz and Pilates instructor at Broadway Dance Center, and Joy of Motion Dance Center in DC.

Caroline received her BFA in Theatre/Dance from Rollins College in Florida, and an MFA in Classical Acting at the ACA @ GWU.


"I've been taking Caroline's BurnStronger/Relentless class for 7+ years, and it's the perfect combo of strength training and cardio. Her class exhausts every muscle group--arms, abs, glutes & thighs--in a high energy, efficient, and really fun way. It's addictive!! She's the only thing keeping me in shape in COVID times." - Yumi K.

"BurnStronger has been my go-to workout for years, it's held me accountable to keep up with my routine during COVID-19 and has made me stronger than any other workout I've tried! It's extremely tough and challenging, the perfect workout for those that want to sweat and build muscle. I highly recommend Caroline's classes for those seeking to change their bodies!" - Nicole L.

"BurnStronger has been a godsend during the past few months at home. An incredibly intense workout that requires just my mat and a few hand weights, it has already had an impact on my core and overall strength. Caroline’s instruction is clear, the progressions precise, and her Zoom classes are fun and easy to follow." - Colin L.

"BurnStronger is such a befitting name for this class. After I finished the first one, I felt pain in muscles I didn't even know existed. Caroline made me realize how heavy 5-pound weights could actually feel with the right movement and enough repetitions. This an upper-body/core focused workout class that manages to deliver burning abs, thighs and glutes exercises. During this time of uncertainty and physical isolation, committing to BurnStronger makes me ensure I have a full body workout at least twice a week." - Moufid R.

"Caroline Strong's virtual Pilates classes are amazing - such an efficient way to build strength. Caroline's classes are tough and motivating! I have some back issues but feel in completely safe hands with Caroline- she is able to provide excellent modifications if needed and is able to give each student a rigorous, safe Pilates experience." Jane B.

"I took my first Pilates class with Caroline 8 years ago, and I still enjoy every minute of it. She is an excellent instructor—knowledgeable, professional, and informative--and her cues are excellent. Caroline also takes the time to explain the theory behind the moves and shares tips to improve our physical well-being. More importantly, her classes produce results—I have a flat stomach and a stronger core. And with the gyms closed, Caroline's Zoom classes have kept me in shape and kept me sane." Linda B.

"Caroline's classes are amazing and so fun! I fell in love with Pilates because of her teaching style which is both informative and rigorous. She keeps you honest and makes you laugh at the same time." Tim D.

"Caroline has changed the way I view, and execute the movements of Pilates. With surgically precise instruction and a masterful attention to the smallest movements, I have never had a teacher that has taught me the importance of a good foundation, and how to achieve it, more than Caroline." Jake T.

"Caroline is a stand-out teacher with her expertise and emphasis on alignment and technique. No matter what I have done to discombobulate my body, once I have a class with Caroline, I am straightened up, strengthened up and ready to go! As a dancer, I have trained in many different disciplines and I can say that Caroline’s classes are among the best — challenging, inspiring and FUN!" - Sarah A.

"I've been taking Caroline's class religiously for 2 years. She took my practice to a new level with her precise instructions, making her class as hard today as it was when I first started. It's all in the extension! Highly recommended whether it's your first time or if you've been practicing for a decade like myself." Jennifer M.

"I began taking pilates with Caroline in 2015, when I was tired, overworked and severely under-stretched. Caroline took an interest in me and encouraged me to keep coming, working diligently with me to avoid injury. She pulled me aside and told me when I was improving. Five years later, I'm stronger than ever, and I owe all that to Caroline. She's different from most pilates teachers. How? 1) Thorough knowledge of the subject matter, excellent modeling of positions for students. 2) While pacing the room, a sharp eye for detail, and how to explain how to do things correctly with warmth and humor. 3) Avoiding injury at all costs. Some teachers do one or two of these, but Caroline does all three. Consistently. She's amazing and has changed my life by changing my body." Ronnie B.

"Caroline's class is fantastic. As a former athlete and fitness enthusiast, I've been working out for a long time doing different types of physical activity over the years including barre, bikram yoga and pilates. Caroline's class rises to the top because it's a great workout that both increases your strength and cardio endurance. Even better it's low impact so you don't have to worry about any previous injuries or getting hurt (ahem cross fit). She caters to all levels and works you hard with a smile on her face the entire time which is a nice touch." - Adee S.

"RELENTLESS is the toughest class I've ever been to. I was sore for three full days after my first class. Every muscle in my body felt like it had been targeted...my back, stomach, glutes, and muscles across my rib cage and chest that I didn't know existed. I'm still working up to doing all the exercises, but Caroline makes it fun and is really in tune with the class and how each student is progressing. Fantastic class overall!" - Katy B.

"RELENTLESS is a killer workout where the burn only stops when the class has ended. There are no props. Just you and the best compilation of workout tracks that keep you moving even though you want to give up. RELENTLESS classes have completely transformed my body. Caroline Strong makes a Drill Sargent look like a Sunday School Teacher. She will push you to perfect your arms, back, legs, stomach and booty using your own body weight and her unique moves. This class is serious business and not for the weak or timid. " - Donna W.

"RELENTLESS: it's Reliable, Revitalizing, and a Really great workout all around. Caroline is a remarkable instructor who encourages everyone to reach beyond their limits, but always in an enthusiastic and supportive spirit. Of the many classes I've attended around NYC , this is one of the few that keeps me coming back each week. It might get easier over time, but it will never be easy!" - Margaret S.

"...Say hello to the RELENTLESS signature plank series. The series is made up of 25 minutes of non-stop, sweat-inducing, muscle shredding movements that are guaranteed to rip your entire body fast and keep your joints strong. The movements in the series are different every class so you can visit often and always be guessing as to what's next. On minute 25 of the plank series (or for us it was minute 5) you're begging to stand up." - Classpass, Class Crush- The Next Big Thing

"Burn certainly is the operative word for this class. And if you're wondering what we mean by that, let's just say an entire routine is performed in plank position. The body transformations this class boasts, on the other hand, are truly amazing." - Spa Week Daily

"You gotta check this girl out! Let me just tell you that I am so impressed with her, she is simply amazing. Caroline teaches 30 classes a week and truly puts her heart and soul into her work. Her classes are a fierce combination of barre with HITT challenges, Pilates and dance all mixed into one. And you won't miss the Signature Plank Series – 20 minutes of sweaty, muscle shredding goodness! I went to her 6:10pm class on a Friday night, the weather was terrible, and she still packed the room!" - Sandy Weston, SandyJoyWeston.com

Take a look at what ClassPass users are saying about RELENTLESS:

"Great class--one of NYC's best-kept fitness secrets, but probably not for long! Book this class now, you won't be sorry, but you will be sore!"

"RIDIC hard and challenging but awesome"

"Wow-- I will know I am in peak physical condition when I can master Caroline's class. It's a truly non-stop, challenging, but accessible workout."

"One of the BEST classes I have taken in NYC!"

"Definitely one of the toughest one-hour workouts I've ever done! I'm exhausted!"

"Barry's B*** C*** has nothing on RELENTLESS!"

"Hardest class EVER! woooh! Soooo sore for days."

"This was an outstanding class, definitely one of the most intense I've taken- The teacher was super impressive."


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